Lactation Center Information
Quinnipiac University understands the importance of breast feeding for babies and therefore has adopted a policy stating that the University will provide an appropriate location and a reasonable amount of break time to accommodate employees who are nursing mothers for a period of up to one (1) calendar year after the birth of the nursing child, pursuant to applicable state and federal laws. Ideally, the time will run concurrently with an employee’s break time.
The first step is contacting: with your request for which location would like on campus, dates, and times. We will then reach out to you with the appropriate contact for access and other needs.
Lactation Room Locations
In order to better support our students, staff, and faculty who are also new mothers who wish to breast-feed their baby, the University is pleased to provide multiple lactation rooms across campus to meet the needs of nursing mothers. The locations are varied with different hours and facilities depending on location, please keep in mind the rooms are first come, first served. They are listed below:

Mt. Carmel Campus Lactation Center is in CCE-121A. (Located in the Center for Communications & Engineering)

York Hill Campus Lactation Center is in TD Bank Sports Center Room AAL*225. (Located in the Event Operations Office/First Aid Area)

North Haven Campus Lactation Center is in MNH*298 and MNH*299. (Located  on the second floor of the Health Sciences building)

To gain access to any of the above locations, please email Tina Monteiro at