Accommodation Requests for Employees



To request a disability -related accommodation... 

1. Have your doctor(s) complete this form 

2. Return to  

To request a pregnancy accommodation... 

  1. Make a request for an accommodation in writing to the Title IX coordinator. A request for an accommodation should include:  

  1. an explanation of why the person making the request requires an accommodation  

  1. a description of the requested accommodation  

  1. the expected duration of the accommodation (e.g., start and end dates)  


Employees and applicants who have a temporary disability caused or contributed to by pregnancy are not required to notify Quinnipiac University of their pregnancies. 


Individuals who do not wish to inform the university of their pregnancy may request an accommodation pursuant to the Employees with Disabilities policy (see above). 

To request an FMLA accommodation... 

1. Complete this form 

To request parental leave... 

1. Complete this form